Monday, January 26, 2009

The First Time !

This is the start of the new Blog of The Smokepranos BBQ Team. The team is made up of "The Pit Boss", Jason, and his three "Accomplices", Lacey, Derrick, & Zach. Our first competition was in our hometown of Modesto, CA in 2007. After placing 5th in Brisket and 17th out of 39 teams over all we were hooked. We did a total of 5 sanctioned competitions and 2 unsanctioned competitions in 2007 with pretty good results. We finished 15th overall in the CBBQA Team of the Year standings and were named the 2007 CBBQA Rookie Team of the Year. Needless to say we were very happy.

In 2008 we only competed in 3 sanctioned and 2 unsanctioned events and finished 20th in the CBBQA Team of the Year standings. We kind of ran into the sophomore jinx in 2008. I feel we tried to change too much and got lost. We haven't yet competed in 2009 but we have been practicing and trying to come up with a better game plan. I'm looking froward to 2009 and can't wait for the first competition. More to come!!